The Little Boy and his Teddy Bear

Suspended in the Universe,  by an everlasting curse, the little boy watches the World, feeling abandoned, feeling so cold.  Things appear upside down, As if played with, by a clown.

Up there flies a deadly bird, is it a bomber, or is it the third?  After the first two hit Japan, this may be destined for Iran.  Another ice age may begin, for cleansing mankind of all sin.

The little boy sucks on the nipple of Mother Earth, the poor cripple.  A flying saucer is a tear of sorrow, his eye sheds for the lost tomorrow.  With curling hair as question marks, his look is becoming angry sparks.  How could I rescue this world?  These humans cannot behold!

Nature Crushed

Merciless tank of destruction, crushing all nature's creations.  Day and night, a chain of divers, carry petrol into its bowels.  Swastika is running the engine, so big and strong and mean.  Teutonic horns stabbing the sky, demonic brain is going high.

Decayed tooth launching a rocket, golden sickle with almighty handle, it will finish the bloody harvest.

All flora and fauna are fleeing, with no chance of escaping.  So what?  Politicians still argue and argue.

The Web of History

Heavy canon of War, is climbing the bloody Web of History.  In the name of Religion and Ideology.

Star of David, Cross and Crescent, Red and Blue Stars, all firmly implanted in its path.

Butterfly of innocent Nature, and Dove of Peace, are silent witnesses.

However, wait!  What is up there hiding, in the eye of the web?  The claws of the spider Judge, waiting for the end of history.

Sketches of Oakville

Sketches of Quebec City