Art & Science Centre

The objective is to create a unique landmark and high profile development.  By suggesting two hands holding a globe of light, Nicholas Varias's concept symbolizes human values and achievements, such as technological progress, caring for the environment, community spirit and partnership.

Functionally, the "palms" and "fingers" could accommodate a combination of public and privte uses, such as art gallery, performing arts, scence centre, mini hotel, boutiques and restaurants.  The "wrists" are reduced to the minimum required by structural piers, stairs and elevators in order to minimize the obstruction of the views to and from the water.  The glazed geo-sphere would shelter a mini ecosystem fro advanced scientific scientific research  and experimentation, including solar energy. It would also provide a year-round flower and butterfly garden.

Added as a science fiction element, the "flying saucer" with vertical uplift, would reinforce the high-tech appearance and it could also be developed as a direct access into the geo-sphere. On the otehr hand, the organic shapes are intended to achieve harmony with nature and teh surrounding landscape.

The building is shown located on the water, but alternatively, it may be placed on the ground or a combination of both.

Honeycomb Villages

Coral Reef Islands Rescue

SuperscriptTall Ship Dinner Theatre